This website provide free access to legal information in Nigeria including Legislation, Judicial Decisions,
Journal Articles on Nigerian Law, Legal Education, Legal practice and Law Firms.

Editor: Femi Amao, Sussex Law School, UK
Welcome to NLII !
The Nigerian Legal Information Institute (NLII) is a project that is patterned after
similar international project such as The British and Irish Legal Information
Institute (BAILII), The Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and the Irish
Legal Information Initiative (IRLII).

The NLII provides free Internet access to Nigerian legal materials.

The initiative is designed  to make case law of all Nigerian superior courts and
other legal information available online free to all users. The idea is to maximize
the availability of free legal information via the World Wide Web. The Institute
also aims at connecting lawyers, judges, academics, students and others with the
growing collection of legal information available around the globe through

Apart from making judgments of the Nigerian courts available, the database
helps promotes transparency of the Nigerian legal system.

The database will have its own citation guide, as well as a complete searchable
index of decisions of the Courts to date, including citations of cases reported in
other Law Reports.

Obstacles placed by the high costs of production of Nigerian law reports and
other legal materials will be removed by this service.
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